Okja Review

Okja is the newest Netflix original film and stars Seo-Hyundai Ahn, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tilda Swinton, and Paul Dano. Mija (Ahn) lives in the South Korean countryside with her grandfather and her best friend, a super pig named Okja. After the Mirando Corporation kidnaps Okja, Mija goes on a journey to save her friend and expose … Continue reading Okja Review


Spider-Man V The Amazing Spider-Man

  In a world full of movie remakes, what measures are there to decide which version is best? Welcome to Original V Reboot, a monthly analysis between an original movie and the rebooted version of it. By comparing the story, the characters, and a few miscellaneous details I will be able to determine which version … Continue reading Spider-Man V The Amazing Spider-Man