‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Review


Avengers: Infinity War is the nineteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and stars a slew of actors; including Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, and Chris Hemsworth. Upon learning about the devastation that Thanos seeks to unfurl across the universe, The Avengers and their allies must join forces and prevent the mad Titan from obtaining the six Infinity Stones spread across the galaxy.

Like many of you, I’ve been following this saga since the first Iron Man back in 2008. I’ve seen the ups and downs of the franchise, and have grown to care for each of the characters and their stories. Going into this movie I was pretty excited to see how this grand ten-year story would conclude. So, how did this one turn out?

Let’s get the negatives out of the way first, I only have a couple. The biggest flaw I found was bound to happen with the impressive number of characters. Not everyone gets a satisfying amount of screen time. I don’t want to call this a setback because it was a near impossible juggling act that the Russo Brothers had to take on, which they executed the best way they could, and I was not disappointed seeing all these characters finally interacting with each other. However, with the amount of characters there are, and them being on their own paths, there are lots of instances of jumping around to see what everyone is up to in the second act. This sometimes breaks the flow of the movie and makes the lead up to the big climate fight feel choppy. There is also a particular story arc or moment between two characters teased in the trailer that I feel is missing from the movie. While this is understandable and I don’t know what I would take out to make room for this confrontation, its exclusion left me slightly disappointed.

Even though the third act lead up feels a little choppy, it all comes together in the most epic way. That that’s how this movie feels: Epic. The scope is massive, taking us from our little blue planet all the way to the depths of space. This time around, the movie takes on a more serious tone, you can really feel the dire weight of the potential world-ending event. The stakes are high; the situations are stressful, and the action hits hard and feels brutal. The movie is surrounded by emotion that by the end you will be frozen in your seat, in quiet contemplation. That’s not to say the film is without its signature MCU jovial side. The jokes hit every time with a bunch of lines that I’m still quoting. The Russo’s find a nice balance between the bleak circumstances and the light comedic breaks that accompany them.

While I feel there was a particular story arc missing from the film, there are still satisfying character arcs and moving moments in the film. Staring with Thanos, who’s essentially the main character in the movie. Despite being the villain of the story, it is his movie, and the story revolves around his quest. His motivation and his goal is clear, and while you may not agree with his goal, you can see where he’s coming from. He has a menacing screen presence and is the most formidable foe The Avengers have ever faced. He has a softer side too. Not that you want him to succeed in his goal, but you get the see the layers of his personality and the toll his plight takes on him. All of this makes him one of the best villains to appear in the MCU, and possibly one of the greatest villains in movie history.

On the heroes side, they all get a moment to shine and they all have great chemistry with each other. However, there are some standouts. For me, Hemsworth continues to impress as Thor. He builds upon his characters remodelling in Thor: Ragnarok and delivers some of the funniest lines in the movie. He also brings the emotion, especially in a scene of reflecting, which I felt was missing in his previous Thor movie. Out of the character groupings, the best is the group who accompany Tony Stark. His group encompasses a lot of the heroes and it feels like we spend most of our time with them. It’s fun watching them interact and joke with each other, but they also bring most of the emotional beats.

Despite the sometimes choppy pace, the film is an epic adventure that will leave you speechless by the end. You can really feel the action and the intensity of trying to stop Thanos from achieving his goal. The movie is surrounded by emotional character arcs, brutal action, stunning visuals, and many surprises you won’t see coming. It feels like a big thank you to the fans for going on this ten-year journey. Even if you have no stake in this cinematic universe, I would still recommend it. This is a movie that deserves to be seen in the theatre, and you will not regret seeing it.

What did you think of the movie? Where does it rank in the MCU for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Review

  1. This movie left me exactly as you said, frozen,speechless in my seat. I managed to avoid all trailers leading up to the show and had no idea what to expect. I loved the interaction of the characters. Moments had me laughing, others had me tearing up. This easily moves to the top of my list as the best Marvel has brought to date.

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  2. I just want to say first of ,thank you for taking the time to write these amazing reviews, I love the movie but hated the ending of course. I can’t wait to see what they bring us in the Part 2 of Avengers if there is one. I don’t agree it’s the best Marvel movie but Still it deserves from me a 8.5 Starz Ratings 👍🏾

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