The Big Sick Review


The Big Sick is a romantic comedy from Amazon Studios and stars Kumail Nanijani, Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter, and Ray Romano. The story revolves around Kumail (Nanijani) and Emily (Kazan) and depicts the rise and fall of their relationship. A few days after their break up, Emily is rushed to the hospital and put in a medically induced coma. Kumail, alongside her parents (Hunter and Romano), stays by her side with the hopes of her waking up and continuing their relationship.

This movie makes you feel like you are peaking into real life, like you are a fly on the wall. Even though the story is pretty standard, it is still compelling. The performances are what make this movie, and they don’t disappoint. The chemistry between the two leads is believable, which is essential for this story. Kumail’s journey of self-discovery is compelling, emotional, and Nanijani surprisingly sells the highs and lows of his journey. It was nice to see Romano back doing some live action acting, and he is given some pretty heavy material to work with and he pulls it off. Hunter is good in the movie, but that’s to be expected. Kazan is charming, but she isn’t given much acting screen time. There is one stand out role that I won’t spoiler here because I didn’t know they were in the movie. This person was unexpectedly good and a welcome addition. The writing is spot on and the movie is funny from start to finish. I can’t remember the last time I laughed this hard and this long throughout a movie. There is one particular scene between Nanijani and Romano that I almost died laughing. The director (Michael Showalter) finds a nice balance between hilarity and emotional impact.

One problem I had with the movie is that it seems longer than it is. There are some instances, like a few scenes in a comedy club, that while they were funny, served little purpose to the over all story. That being said, and this may be contradictory to my last point but, there were a few moments I wish Showalter lingered on for a little longer. Something happens and you think you’ll get some juicy emotions from it, and you do for a while, but it quickly resolves itself and doesn’t have as much impact. Also, I think like Hunter and Romano’s characters warmed up to Kumail a bit to quickly.

There’s not much to dislike about this movie. Sure, it could’ve been a bit shorter. It could’ve developed a few more emotional hits. But in the end, it is a charming and funny movie, with great pre romances all around. This one is definitely worth your time and if it’s playing in a theatre near you, you should go see it.

What did you think? Did you enjoy this movie? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Written by: William Sherick

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