Spider-Man: Homecoming Review


Spider-Man: Homecoming is the second reboot of the Spider-Man film franchise and stars Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Marisa Tomei, and Robert Downey Jr. Set a few months after the events of Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker (Holland) tries to find a balance between his normal high school lifestyle, and his crime fighting alter ego, Spider-Man. Wanting to prove himself to his new mentor, Tony Stark (Downey Jr.), Peter sets out to stop a new villain known as The Vulture (Keaton) from terrorizing New York City.

This has been my number one most anticipated movie of the entire year, does it live up to the hype?

In a word. Yes. This movie is spectacular. The creative team behind it took all the good elements from all the different comic book iterations and put them on screen for our viewing pleasure. Holland owns the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man; he’s witty, smart, naïve, and captures the struggle Peter goes through trying to balance out his lives. Keaton is a menacing, yet complex, villain and you see where he is coming from. He could be considered one of the best villains the MCU has. Tony is used sparingly, but effectively, as Peter’s mentor; so for those of you worried about him stealing the movie, you have nothing to worry about. Peter’s best friend, Ned (Jacob Batalon), is a nice addition and their on screen chemistry is really convincing. Like in The Amazing Spider-Man, the choice to focus on Peter, in high school, still learning how to be a super hero is compelling and just feels right. This isn’t an origin story in the traditional sense. We don’t learn about Peter’s history and there’s no Uncle Ben death. However, Peter has to learn what it truly means to be a hero and has a strong character ark throughout the movie. There are references galore in this movie, but they don’t detract from the overall story. If you understand them, then they are a welcome addition and will put a smile on your face. The jokes are also on point and land more often than not.

While the action over all was enjoyable, there aren’t really any stakes until the big end battle. You never get the sense that anything game changing will happen and for the most part they play it pretty safe. The score isn’t that memorable either, but there is a song at the very beginning that will put a smile on your face and sets up the movie perfectly. The other problem I had was some of the character choices. While I’m all for different interpretations of characters, some of them felt under utilized. Take for instance Flash Thompson (Tony Revolori), he is suppose to be Peter’s bully who torments him throughout high school, while ironically being a super fan of Spider-Man. In this film he’s part of Peter’s social group, and only seems like a mild annoyance to him. There are a couple other minor problems I had with the movie, but they fall under spoiler territory so I won’t mention them here (look for them in my spoiler thoughts article).

This is the best that the web head has been in a while. The characters are interesting and have a lot to do, the story is fun and at times heart felt, and the jokes will keep you laughing all the way through to the two end credit scenes. This may not be the best MCU film, but it is a worthy addition to the franchise. While I had a few minor problems with the movie, they in no way detract from the overall enjoyment of the film. If you are a fan of Spider-Man, a fan of super heroes, or a fan of fun, you will have a good time at this movie.

What did you think? Is this your favorite Spider-Man/MCU movie? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Written by: William Sherick

4 thoughts on “Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

  1. I was thoroughly prepared to be disappointed by this movie. When I saw Holland’s Spider-Man in the Avengers movie, I really didn’t like his portrayal. But I would have to say that this movie caught me by surprise and I ended up bumping it to my top 5 Marvel movies. I loved how Peter Parker was portrayed as a typical 15-year-old—awkward and arrogant, thinking he knows it all—and found him quite endearing. Ned offered great comedic relief and he was my favourite character in the movie. I won’t put in any spoilers, but regarding the big reveals: “WHAT?! I didn’t see that coming.” and “No. I don’t like where you’re going with that.” (you know what I’m talking about). The movie had a fantastic opening score, and the end credit scenes were worth the wait. Great movie and will definitely see it again.

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