Sinister Six Movie Pitch


With Spider-Man: Homecoming opening this weekend and Sony announcing plans to do standalone Spider-Man villain movies, I wanted to share my ideas for a Sinister Six movie.

Imagine you are a studio executive and I’m pitching a movie to you. The concept of the movie is Suicide Squad meets The Italian Job (2003).

The movie opens with the original Sinister Six (Doc Oct, Electro, Mysterio, Sandman, Kraven the Hunter, and Vulture). The are stealing a McGuffin so they can stop Spider-Man, or maybe doing a bank heist. Tension rises among the group because they are villains with their own agendas. Electro, who is basically a god, turns on the group, paralyzes them, and leaves them to get captured by Spider-Man (who has a couple small cameos throughout the movie).

The gang is locked up in The Raft—Sandman being held in a special containment unit. This is where they meet and recruit the Chameleon. The new Sinister Six stage a break out, planned by Oct, and this is our first real showcase of all of their powers. Chameleon impersonates a guard and breaks out the rest of the team. Sandman uses his strength to get their gear. Mysterio distracts the guards with illusions and covers their getaway.

With the cops and Spider-Man now after them, they hide in an abandoned Oscorp facility. Kraven uses his tracking ability to find Electro’s hideout, and the Six make a plan to steal their stuff back.

The Six set their plan into motion and it mostly works, but they still have trouble working together. They are almost successful but they are discovered by Electro and a battle ensues. Electro is too strong for them and their inability to cooperate inhibits their ability to beat him. They figure out that if they are going to beat Electro, they must work together. The group gain the upper hand against Electro and they beat him. After the epic battle with Electro the Sinister Six are found by Spider-Man. The group is easily defeated and caught by him because they have have no more strength to fight.

The movie ends with them being locked up in The Raft, and Oct working on a new plan to break them out.

What do you think? Would you green light this movie? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Sinister Six Movie Pitch

  1. Definitely green light this, though I’d make it much more Italian job than suicide squad haha.

    It would be a very interesting take on a villain movie, giving us a chance to see more of the spider-man villains that havnt had there time in the spotlight on the big screen yet.

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    • My original idea was going to be more in line with Suicide Squad. I was going to have the villains forced into fighting someone, I was thinking Venom, but then I thought that they aren’t good guys who save the day.


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